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Re: Problem with running Xilinx Vivado (probably GLIBC)

On 2016-12-06 18:08, stefan.eiermann@schneider-electric.com wrote:
> Hello,


> I'm trying to get Xilinx Vivado to run on Debian Jessie.
> And during the Synthesis Vivado 2016.3 and also the older Vivado Versions 
> stops working. Because of other resons I want to use Debian and not the 
> recommended old Ubuntu.
> On an other Debian 6 System I got it to run.
> I found out of the Error Messages and the behavior  that probably the 
> following described error occurs: I know its a Vivado bug and not a GLIBC 
> bug - but maybe you can help me to compile the GLIBC for Debian from 
> source. And installing it without crashing the system.
> https://github.com/MyrtleSoftware/glibc-no-lock-elision

If you want to get a glibc without lock-elision, the easiest might be to
install the version 2.19-18+deb8u7 that is currently in
stable-proposed-updates and that will be released with the next stable
point release. We decided to disable lock-elision as many software have
bugs with it.

You can access them by adding stable-proposed-updates to
/etc/apt/sources.list (in that case take care of not installing other
packages from this repository) or fetching them from a mirror.


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