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Bug#784900: Installing of a new language causes that other locales are registered as outdated

On 2015-05-17 18:57, sworddragon2@aol.com wrote:
> And again: I'm reporting this specifically against upstream. At least the manpage of locale-gen from Ubuntu implies that this is here. And since the binary locale-gen does contain this bug (except it should be fixed in a newer version) theoretically the current maintainer should be responsible for handling it. Also as long as Debian does provide the binary locale-gen in any package it is theoretically affected by this bug but maybe just hiding it in the default setup. But maybe an user that makes some user-defined changes could stumble over it.

I don't consider Debian being the upstream of a file that has been
heavily modified by Ubuntu. Again please show that the bug affects
Debian, and then I might consider looking at it.

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