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Re: Time zone data for OpenJDK 8

Le 08/08/2014 05:04, Paul Wise a écrit :

> Sounds like OpenJDK has an embedded copy of tzdata? Can we get
> upstream to disentangle that, at least for their source releases?

I'm not sure this is possible. OpenJDK has a copy of tzdata plus
additional timezones [1] kept to preserve the compatibility with old
versions of Java.

> This is mostly equivalent to 3 since the libtzdbtools-java package
> would pull in -headless to run the code. Personally I don't see a
> reason to create a separate package, just seems like a downside to me
> (due to NEW).

A separate package simply avoids installing a useless file (the tzdb
compiler) on every system with the JRE. Nobody needs this compiler, it's
just a build dependency for tzdata.

Emmanuel Bourg


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