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Bug#673596: libc6: FTBFS on wheezy/sid amd64 (test suite failures)

I've been bitten by this bug too, and here is what I've gathered:

tst-eintr1 spawns threads continuously, without joining them, until it receives a SIGALRM.
This is supposed to occur take 3 seconds, which, on my computer, makes roughly 5k threads unjoined threads, which is already a large number.
Now, when building from the source package, this test doesn't run for 3 seconds, but for 150 seconds due to TIMEOUTFACTOR=50...
This changes the large number of 5k threads to something really huge: about 250k (potentially finished, but never joined) threads.
Although I don't really know how finished-but-unjoined threads are handled, such a large number is bound to hit some limit.

Thibaut Girka.

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