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Bug#642112: [PATCH] timers for kFreeBSD

El 26 de març de 2012 0:14, Robert Millan <rmh@debian.org> ha escrit:
> Sorry I got confused.  It works on all versions when it is built with
> i386 libc.

I think I know why, but can't fix it right now.  timer_t is abused to
store a pointer, but its size is only int32_t.

timer_create() sets it here:

                  *timerid = (timer_t) newp;

and timer_settime() expects to find the whole 64-bit pointer there:

                  struct timer *kt = (struct timer *) timerid;

Unless someone has a bright idea, it seems that we'll have to store
this in a global structure like the old LinuxThreads version was doing
(c.f. __timer_alloc(), timer_ptr2id(), etc).

Robert Millan

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