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epoll_create1() available in C, not C++ (on alpha)?


I'm investigating #653441, a build failure that exists only for Alpha.
The C++ code in question uses epoll_create1().

I've boiled it down to the following test code:

  #include <sys/epoll.h>

  int main(int ac, char* av[])
      int fd = epoll_create1(0);
      return 0;

This can be successfully compiled using "gcc" on both alpha (tested in
sid chroot of albeniz.debian.org) and on my amd64 machine.

However, if I compile using "g++", the amd64 works, but alpha says:

  (sid)smr@albeniz:~$ g++ try-epoll.c 
  try-epoll.c: In function -F¡int main(int, char**)¢:-A
  try-epoll.c:5: error: -F¡epoll_create1¢ was not declared in this scope-A

What's the solution?  Is there a bug in alpha's libc6.1-dev (source
of epoll.h)?


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