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Bug#636286: tagging 636286

Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Aurelien Jarno dixit:

>> tags 636286 + wontfix
> Uhm, why? If someone working for glibc upstream says that the
> locale files produced by the Debian patched version of glibc
> are invalid…

The wontfix tag has a somewhat complicated role.  In practice, it
generally means that the people responsible for that package are not
going to be working on fixing this particular bug, and although that's
a kind of strange piece of metadata to maintain, I tend to find it
much more helpful than no response at all.

While it would have been even nicer if the maintainer had said why
and what avenues, if any, exist for helping out, I don't think that's
necessary.  Even for bugs marked wontfix, help investigating and
working towards a fix tends to be appreciated.

Sorry for the trouble and hope that helps,

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