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Re: "struct user" conflicts on arm

This subject came up on debian-arm:

And it seems like the sort of architectural issue linaro should take
an interest in fixing to avoid making people's lives difficult when
building on arm. Is it on anyone's list already?

In short:

A C app that defines a struct 'user' and uses wait.h or signal.h will 
find a clash with the system struct of the same name, which should
only be needed for GDB (when built on/for arm).

On other arches this is not pulled in by default so the problem doesn't arise.  

We can
1) Change every app in the world that defines a 'struct user'                     
2) Stop these headers getting brought in when not actually needed
(it's a relatively recent change that brings it in)
3) Change the name in glibc/GDB to something less likely to clash                 
disclaimer: I know nothing at all about this except what I
just read in that thread. Please refer to the thread for details.                   

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