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Bug#644990: NEWS.Debian.gz: s/$arch/<triplet>

Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> The compiler doesn't examine any environment variables

(Just to be clear, this is a lie.  The compiler does examine some
environment variables, though CFLAGS is not one of them.)

> But what does this have to do with the "<triplet>" text in libc6-dev's
> NEWS.Debian.gz?

This question is still relevant.  We already knew the changes in file
locations affect people.  So I guess you were saying the NEWS.Debian.gz
should also provide advice about various compiler build systems and
build systems of projects that use compilers.

Consider the downside: when upgrading, _every_ sysadmin with libc6-dev
and apt-listchanges installed would be confronted by that wall of text.

So there is likely to be a better way to organize this information.
Suggested text for an additional file, for example, would be welcome,
especially in the form of a patch or a simple, attached, ready-to-go

"Why do you keep asking for patches?" you might wonder.  It is because
patches make it possible to suggest an improvement without
significantly adding to the maintainer's (Aurelien's) workload.
Copying, pasting, and tweaking might seem easy, but even it takes

Anyway, this particular report is about the NEWS.Debian.gz text.  It
seems you found its description of <triplet> to be unclear.  Please
stick to that in this report, and address other bugs elsewhere so a
person can follow up on your work without reading through too much
irrelevant stuff.

Hope that helps,

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