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Bug#584914: NIS groups

Dear Debian Fellows !

My investigations suggest that those 3 bugs are related: #599399 #584914 #616171.
I have here a Squeeze 64 host that shows the same problem explained by Arto (#599399).
I updated it to the latest updates / proposed updates yesterday (22-08-2011).

Package versions are:
nis 3.17-31
libpam0g 1.1.1-6.1
libpam-modules 1.1.1-6.1
nscd 2.11.2-10
libc6 2.11.2-10

(re-)Description of the problem:

a/ login in with a local account which is declared locally in a NIS group (/etc/group + syntax)

 - with 'group: compat' or 'group: compat nis' in nsswitch.conf,
   this does NOT work, group is absent

 - with 'group: files nis' or 'group: nis files',
   this DOES work, group is present

b/ login in with a NIS account, which belongs to 4 NIS groups and 2 local groups
   and which primary group is a NIS group

 - whatever recipe put in nsswitch.conf, this NIS account belongs to
   its 2 local groups and only its NIS primary group : zero secondary NIS group

I hope this can help track & solve this very serious issue.


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