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Bug#637424: Implement i386_get_gsbase i386_get_fsbase i386_set_gsbase i386_set_fsbase amd64_get_gsbase amd64_get_fsbase amd64_set_gsbase amd64_set_fsbase

2011/8/11 Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net>:
> In any case, they will have to wait for 2.14. Anyway, what are the uses
> cases for these?

wine needs amd64_set_gsbase and i386_set_fsbase.

amd64_set_fsbase and i386_set_gsbase are not used by any program that
I know of.  Also, they should be considered carefully: since our TLS
implementation relies on them, programs shouldn't mess with these
functions AFAICT.

The getters are neither needed by wine nor dangerous.

Robert Millan

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