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Bug#632863: eglibc: add support for arch powerpcspe

severity 632863 wishlist

David Kuehling wrote:
Severity: minor
I've been this is always wishlist because we are not in main archive.

Please use

 User: debian-powerpcspe@breakpoint.cc
 Usertags: powerpcspe

So all ppcspe related bugs are together somehow.

The attached patch makes eglibc 2.13 work on architecture powerpcspe (an
unofficial port hosted on www.debian-ports.org, [1]).

Thanks for that. If you have sometime then you could add two files. One of
them says which tests-cases are known to fail so if we get another failure
it aborts. The second file contains the symbol list for libc. Both were
available for ppc the last time I was looking into it.




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