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Re: making libc-bin essential

On 2011-07-01 10:31 +0200, Aurelien Jarno wrote:

> Currently libc-bin is virtually essential: a lot of essential packages
> depend on libc6 which in turn depends on libc-bin. This package has been
> created during the first steps of the multiarch transition two years 
> ago, and all the binaries have been moved there. Note that libc-bin 
> doesn't depend on libc6 while it should, in order to avoid recursive 
> dependencies.
> It appears that libc-bin provides a few required POSIX binaries [1], 
> and should therefore be essential.

That seems right to me.

> This would also solve the recursive
> dependency between libc6 and libc-bin, and allow for an hypothetical 
> libc7 transition in the future.

If libc6 were to drop its dependency on libc-bin now, it would be
possible to remove libc-bin after a partial upgrade.  Therefore I would
suggest to postpone changing the dependencies until an essential
libc-bin is in stable.


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