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Bug#630608: [bash] Everything Segfaults After lib6 -7 Upgrade

> > I, of course, did not touch the 2.13 ones. There are actually only a few

> > of them but are locally symlinked. There would be three version of

> > these, on /lib, lib/i386-gnu... and /lib/i686/cmov. The ones I checked a

> > all different.

> >

> >

> > Should the /lib ones be actually be removed? Should their symlinks be

> > first changed to the i386 versions (like others in /lib ... and why is

> > there an i686/cmov if it is not being used?) Hopefully this can be

> > achieved without (temporarily) hosing the system. Another reason I feel

> > the scripts should handle this stuff. All the 2.13 files are legal-dpkg

> > items.


> There should not be any 2.13 file in /lib/ and /lib/i686/cmov should not

> exist anymore. If all these 2.13 files are legal dpkg, can you please

> tell us in which packages they are and in which versions?

OK, i686/cmov has been moved to /lib/i386-linux-gnu. So why did not dpkg remove the originals (those were not files I copied)?

libc6 stuff now goes to /lib/i386-linux-gnu so why does this stuff still exist in /lib (those were not files I copied)?

So do I simply remove EVERYTHING-2.13... from /lib, so's and symlinks?

The ld-linux.so.2 is there, pointing to the i383-linux-gnu ld. In fact, I placed that to get the upgrade to work. ld.so.# symlinks, also pointing to the i386 ld, I had placed myself as well trying linking stuff. The upgrade did not seem to mind their presence!

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