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Bug#630411: libc6 should define /lib/ld-lsb-x86-64.so.3 on AMD64

reassign 630411 lsb-core 3.2-27
retitle 630411 please provide /lib64/ld-lsb-x86-64.so.3 in a smaller package
severity 630411 wishlist

Hi Chris et al,

François Petitjean wrote:

> After downloading a lsb binary for Linux on architecture amd64 (aka x_-_64) the
> program runs out of the box on a SLES11 machine, but fails on Debian wuth a cryp
> tic message :
> fp2x@drhpcm03:/tmp$ ./lmutil
> -bash: ./lmutil: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
> Aurelien Jarno wrote:

>> LSB compliance is provided through the lsb-core package. Installing this
>> package will create, among other things, the /lib64/ld-lsb-x86-64.so.3 
>> symlink.
> The problem lies in the "among other things" :
> fp2x@drhpcm03:/etc$ sudo aptitude install  lsb-core
> Les NOUVEAUX paquets suivants vont être installés :
> [...]
> Il est nécessaire de télécharger 16,5 Mo d'archives. Après dépaquetage, 
> 37,8 Mo seront utilisés.
> Voulez-vous continuer ? [Y/n/?] n

In other words, on small (embedded?) systems it would be useful to be
able to run some LSB binaries without pulling in the entire LSB core.
Does that sound like something worth supporting to you?  Perhaps we
just need some documentation somewhere like the Debian Reference or
glibc's README.Debian to explain how people can create the symlink

Anyway, I pass the report to you. :)  Thoughts of all kinds welcome.


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