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Bug#629983: [libc6] I also had this on possible upgrade to 2.13-6

Package: libc6

Version: 2.13-4

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Problem is that, whatever be the offending file, the only alternatives are to go ahead anyway or abort ALL upgrades. On my system, six packages are pulled with lib6 upgrades. The mix of new and old will crash out X, for instance.

I got my system going again by downloading testing packages with the live CD and then downgrading to my system after temporarily preventing x-windows start up, i.e. kdm.

The new locales and glibc.doc are apparently OK.

A version of this bug was listed as grave and then withdrawn. Since the partial upgrade will render a (x-window running) unusable, I would upgrade this bug.

--- System information. ---

Architecture: i386

Kernel: Linux 2.6.39-1-686-pae

Debian Release: wheezy/sid

990 unstable www.debian-multimedia.org

990 unstable http.us.debian.org

990 unstable debian.tagancha.org

990 unstable debian.scribus.net

990 unstable debian.pengutronix.de

650 testing security.debian.org

650 testing http.us.debian.org

650 testing dl.google.com

500 stable security.debian.org

500 stable http.us.debian.org

500 stable deb.opera.com

500 karmic ppa.launchpad.net

500 intrepid ppa.launchpad.net

101 experimental-snapshots qt-kde.debian.net

1 experimental debian.co.il

--- Package information. ---

Depends (Version) | Installed


libc-bin (= 2.13-4) | 2.13-4

libgcc1 | 1:4.6.0-11

Recommends (Version) | Installed


libc6-i686 | 2.13-4

Suggests (Version) | Installed


glibc-doc | 2.13-6

debconf | 1.5.39

OR debconf-2.0 |

locales | 2.13-6

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