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Bug#627619: libc6-dev: please define RLIMIT_RTTIME and increment RLIM_NLIMITS

Aurelien Jarno wrote:

> We don't want to include kernel headers directly, as they we don't
> control their change, and they might create conflicts (especially with
> type definition).

Thanks for explaining.  It seems somewhat backward --- Linus is a
cooperative and reasonable person and has been careful in the past
about guarding definitions that should not be public with "#ifdef
__KERNEL__", and when there are mistakes it is possible for distros to
patch them away in linux-libc-dev packaging.


> In any case, this kind of change has to be discussed with upstream.

Yes, you are right about this.  (Frankly I'm terrified of glibc
upstream and try to get all ducks in the row before talking to them.)

> I
> already send a patch upstream yesterday [1], and committed it to the
> SVN. Unfortunately due to the current changes on the alioth side, the
> changes hasn't been changed to the mailing list and the bug hasn't be
> tagged pending automatically. Sorry for the duplicated work.

No problem.  Thanks for taking care of it.


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