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Re: icedove: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/icedove/components/libdbusservice.so: undefined symbol: NS_Alloc

reassign 617759 libc6 2.13-0exp5


Christoph Goehre wrote:
> On Fr, Apr 01, 2011 at 06:07:35 -0500, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> $ dpkg-query -W libc6
>> libc6	2.13-0exp5
>               ^^^^^^^^^^
> I've tried to reproduce your bug. And I succeeded with libc6 from
> experimental one time.
> Could you try to run 'ldconfig' or downgrade to libc6 from unstable and
> test Icedove again?

Yes!  With libc6 2.11.2-13 from sid, icedove loads without trouble.

Aurelien, any ideas?  To recap, amd64 machine.  With libc6 from
experimental, icedove fails to start up, like so:

 $ icedove; echo $?
 /usr/lib/icedove/icedove-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/icedove/components/libdbusservice.so: undefined symbol: NS_Alloc

http://bugs.debian.org/617759 has details.  Reassigning to libc
for now because it is a regression (but please feel free to reassign
it back once this is understood).


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