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Re: Fwd: tzdata-2011d in volatile

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 07:54:59PM +0000, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-03-23 at 19:31 +0100, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> > On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 01:26:41PM +0100, Philipp Kern wrote:
> > > we just received the following request for 2011d in lenny-volatile and
> > > squeeze-updates.  Could you prepare the uploads?
> > 
> > I should have a bit of time tonight to work on that, unless Clint does
> > it before. I have already something ready (but currently a too bad 
> > connection to do something else than mail).
> Thanks.
> > However I have to say I am a bit lost with volatile, updates and so on.
> > If I understand correctly, we should have a new version in
> > lenny-volatile and squeeze-updates, and in fine also in lenny and
> > squeeze. What are the required uploads to reach this state, which suites
> > to target and in which case should I include a .orig.tar.gz with the
> > upload?
> Taking the easy one first :-)
> volatile
> ========
> Target either "lenny-volatile" or "oldstable"; the latter means you can
> re-use the upload for ftp-master.  This should include the .orig.tar.gz
> ftp-master
> ==========
> lenny: Target "lenny" or "oldstable".
> squeeze: Target "squeeze" or "stable"; SRM will then add it to
> squeeze-updates.
> As a general rule, when you're uploading the same upstream version to
> multiple distributions at the same time only one of them should include
> the .orig.tar.gz; otherwise queued on ftp-master will helpfully silently
> delete the second and subsequent uploads before they even reach dak.
> In this case I'd suggest including the .orig.tar.gz in the lenny upload,
> so that you can simply re-upload that to volatile.
> As an added note to the above, "same time" is potentially a period
> lasting several days.  If, for example, you'd uploaded the unstable
> package yesterday, the .orig.tar.gz would still be visible on
> http://incoming.debian.org/ and should not be included.
> In summary for this upload:
> - volatile - lenny-volatile or oldstable, include .orig
> - lenny - lenny or oldstable, include .orig
> - squeeze - squeeze or stable, don't include .orig
> Hope that helped.

Thanks a lot for the clear explanations, it something I'll keep
preciously for the next uploads.

I have uploaded tzdata 2011d to volatile, lenny and squeeze, I hope
everything will be fine.


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