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Re: Help needed with eglibc 2.13

On 20/03/11 10:37, Witold Baryluk wrote:
I'm trying compiling eglibc on my alpha box now, but
it hangs whole machine after 10 minutes of build process.

I compiled libc (I think it was 2.11.2-11) from unstable, to get inotify_init1 and to fix memchr, without any problems and have it installed and running ok on Debian unstable.

Aurelien: I've downloaded and compiled 2.13-0exp4 eglibc from experimental and see the test-suite failures you reported. I had a look at tst-cancel24, etc., but unfortunately it is c++ code and my knowledge of c++ is extremely cursory so I doubt I can be of much help.

It might be worth mentioning on the linux-alpha mailing list. People like Richard Henderson who have a deep knowledge of alpha architecture and glibc seem to still lurk there.


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