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Bug#379938: free() in dlerror() if library is not present

On 2011-01-17 09:54, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
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Jonathan Nieder wrote
Do you remember how to reproduce this?
Ping?  With a test case (reproducing the error intermittently would be
good enough) so one could see the problem happen at least once, this
bug would look quite solvable and probably entertaining.  Without,
less fun (tracking down cross-references, etc).

I know, it's been four years.  Details, details. :)

Sorry about the delay. I have some serious maintenance planned for newt later this summer (move over to quilt / git build system, etc); I will try and track this bug down then, as I'm busy
with work / PhD stuff right now, but I'm not forgetting about it!

Coming up with a reliable test case is the challenge.



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