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Bug#616298: eglibc: FTBFS with current sid

severity 616298 serious

Luca Niccoli a écrit :
> Source: eglibc
> Version: 2.11.2-13
> Severity: important
> User: peter.fritzsche@gmx.de
> Hash: SHA1
> Hi,
> I tried to build eglibc in an up-to-date pbuilder chroot, ant it fails
> complaining for unresolved symbols due to the fact that --no-add-needed is
> now passed by default to the linker.
> I guess you already found out but this usertagged bug report will help track
> the progress with the changes in the linker defaults.

Yes, it is a known issue, the last upload has failed to build on half of
the build daemon. I am not planning to fix it in eglibc 2.11, we are
going with eglibc 2.13 which doesn't have the issue.

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