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Bug#485282: nscd: Change default cache setting to work better with roaming laptops

On 02/05/2010 09:10, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Great to have more feedback on this issue. :) I hope someone with
> knowledge and experience on offline operation of a networked laptop
> can share their view. :)

I've a very strange feeling when reading this bug report.

I'm under the impression that the proposed nscd config is something
that will more or less allow to do offline login without nscd having
being designed for that. So, I expect that nasty corner cases will
occur (deleted account being still valid for 30 days, ...)

For me, what is wanted is a local slave ldap server with all the
required protocol needed to work while (and recover after) a network
failure. Ie, a cache (nscd) should be used to cache data and get better
performances, not to take place of a broken ldap server.

If the classical ldap server is too heavy for this task (or does not have
this feature), then working on this part (a new small dedicated ldap
replicate server) is probably the better long-term solution.


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