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Bug#485282: nscd: Change default cache setting to work better with roaming laptops

[Clint Adams]
> Is the danger of the cache being 30 days out-of-date not a worry in
> practice?

It depends, I guess.  I suspect those worring about that will just
deinstall nscd to avoid it.  The most worrying part for a roaming
laptop is the fact that entries in the cache disappear after a
while. When one is on a reseach trip for several weeks, one do not
want to be locked out of ones laptop because the cache was purged.

How often will the cache content be verified with the default and the
30 day time-to-live?  I would like the content to be verified when the
laptop is able to connect to LDAP, and never disappears when the
laptop is unable to connect to LDAP.

I do not understand all aspects of the setting for roaming laptops, so
I very much welcome input on my proposed settings, which were based on
a working setup for disconnected operation.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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