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Re: Strip *.o files manually (dh_strip does not do it)

On Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 04:04:36PM +0000, sobtwmxt wrote:
>   2.9.27 changelog.Debian contains
>     Strip *.o files manually (dh_strip does not do it) to prevent
>     leakage of the build directory.
>   Can you send me the code that does that? ?I will probably only open 
> a bug at dh_strip (debhelper) to include it within dh_strip.

This is done the same way as for other objects, that is using:

          find . -name \*crt\*.o -exec objcopy                         
            --only-keep-debug '{}' ../$(libc)-dbg/usr/lib/debug/'{}'   
            ';' || true;                                               
          find . -name \*crt\*.o -exec objcopy                         
            '{}' ';' || true);                                         
         find debian/$(curpass) -name \*crt\*.o -exec                  
           strip --strip-debug --remove-section=.comment               
           --remove-section=.note --strip-unneeded '{}' ';' || true;   

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