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RE: MD Lists

Fully Licensed MDs in America 

788,131 in total <> 17,533 emails

Many different medical specialties

Over a dozen sortable fields

This week's special price =  $393

{}{}{} We will give you the lists below at no extra charge if you order this week {}{}{}

US Pharmaceutical Company Executives List
Personal email addresses (47,000 in total) and names for top level executives

Hospital Facilities in the United States
more than 23k hospital administrators in over 7k hospitals [worth over $300 alone)

Extensive Listing of Dentists in the US
Virtually every dentist in the US with full contact details

American Chiropractors Database
Complete data for all chiropractors in the US (a $250 value)

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this offer is only valid until September 12 2009

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