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Re: hppa nptl switch


I spent the last two days rewriting the pthread structure layouts for
hppa's nptl implementation.

It looks very nice and promising now, thanks.

I was able to restructure both pthread_mutex_t, and pthread_rwlock_t to be 100% ABI compatible with Linuxthreads.

Strictly speaking, currently they are not,
they are only 100% backward compatible.
But only step away, they could be 100% compatible.
Just the new NPTL initializers should initilize
the four ones as previously in LT.
In practice it shouldn't be problem at all.
Debian should make sure that binary/library compiled
against NPTL-hppa-glibc will require NPTL-hppa-glibc
by proper Depends: line like "libc6 (>= 2.10)".

The prototype patch in testing is here:

It is not possible to use "#include_next <pthread.h>" in
sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/hppa/nptl/pthread.h, as this file
is installed in libc6-dev for general use.
The proper way would be to convince Mr. Drepper to split
<pthread.h> into <pthread.h> and <bits/pthreadinit.h>.
Good luck with it.

The pthread_cond_init.c should call cond_compat_clear()
instead of cond_compat_check_and_clear() or may be just
"cond->__data.__initializer = 0"

Thanks for all your work.


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