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Re: Bug#531419: mpicc segfaults when called by fakeroot

Hi Jeff!

Am Montag, den 08.06.2009, 21:08 -0700 schrieb Jeff Squyres:
> Agreed; fixing the root problem is a better bet.
> Manuel -- can you ping the fakeroot people?  It would be preferable to  
> the method described in that URL.

The fakeroot maintainers are in CC, they should have gotten the last
message of yours.

As for the root cause, I'm still puzzled. I tested it today with the
most recent eglic (2.9-13) and an older glibc (2.9-10) provided by
Aurelien Jarno against almost all versions of fakeroot available on
snapshort.debian.net. Segfaults with all combinations. On the other
hand, as I wrote in message #45, it seems to work fine on my Lenny box
which has glibc 2.7-18. I will test this version on my unstable box
tomorrow. For some reason, fakeroot and Open MPI 1.3.2 don't show issues
in the versions in Lenny. I'll also test the fakeroot version in
unstable on my Lenny box tomorrow. Not sure if this brings any insight,

Best regards

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