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Bug#507845: Unwell configured Locales can be the reason?

Maelvon HAWK a écrit :
> I'm try to figure out if the modification of the locales can be the 
> origin to thoses freezes. I've put the locales to fr_FR.UTF-8, just 
> after a fresh install on a Ubuntu 9.04, and that after that, the freezes 
> appears!
> The libc6 is hightly connected to the locales, no?
> I've read the libc6 contains the locales, can't it be a mal configured 
> locales variables?
> As I'm a french user, seems that some others are french, and in my case 
> I've modified the locales to "fr_FR.UTF-8", just after the first install 
> on Debian, perhaps that's that who put the mess in the box (Debian or 
> Ubuntu).

While locales are indeed related to glibc, but I doubt the freezes are
triggered from there.

The relation I can see between the French locale and the freeze is that
the Dedibox company provides a large base of Via C7 based server,
accessible to French residents only.

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