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Bug#382175: Bug #382175: Leaving enough time to sort this issue out? (glibc: contains Sun RPC implementation under non-free license)

----- "Christian Perrier" <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:

> I just finally tagged, with the RM team "blessing", bug #424957 as
> "lenny-ignore".
> The general rationale is that the Right Approach, which is talking to
> Sun, only happened very recently, thanks to Ean's
> initiative.....which
> triggered immediate commitment by Simon Phipps to do what's needed to
> deal with that licensing issue.
> However, the general feeling is that sorting out such legalese stuff
> might need time and, as someone said in the thread, asking Sun
> lawyers
> to hurry up is just like asking Debian to release Lenny now".
> So, I'd like to make the very same proposal for that bug than the one
> I did for #424957: tag the issue as lenny-ignore so that it doesn't
> block the release (nobody is thinking we will release without glibc,
> right?) and that gives time to sort out the legalese stuff.
> Objections?
> (I think the release team would agree just as they did for #424957)

It makes perfect sense to me. If Sun was hostile to us releasing the code it would be a different matter but I think its clear that they want to help us. I think its clear that Sun will not go after us for the finicky "complete program" language in the current license. Simon, would say that's a safe bet?

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