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Bug#474293: glibc: Add udeb: lines in shlibs files to improve udeb dependencies

Sorry for the late reply to this Aurelien.

On Sunday 11 May 2008, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> I have just checked-in this patch.

Thanks. The results are starting to become visible:

> For the future, I wonder while those too small udeb are separated from
> the main udeb. They are really small compared to the main udeb file.

1) The libc from the main udeb gets reduced by a huge amount by stripping
   unused symbols when it is included in D-I initrds, although the full
   version gets loaded later. But the library reduction does make
   comparing the "normal" sizes incorrect.
2) libnss-dns-udeb is currently included in all initrds, so splitting that
   out is possibly not needed (anymore).
3) But libnss-files-udeb is only included in a small number of initrds and
   thus splitting it out helps reduce the size of all other initrds.


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