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Bug#465797: libc6: RFC 3484 ipv6 address selection order does not work as expected

Salut Aurelien

> This has been fixed in version 2.7-7. Closing the bug.

Thank you for your quick reply. I belive it's not fixed.

After updating and rebooting the new machine to make sure the new libc6 ist 
being used for sure:

ii  libc6                     2.7-8                     GNU C Library: Shared 

$ telnet gintonic.woody.ch
Trying 2001:4060:dead:beef:213:d3ff:fea8:8ef8...

Still IPv4 ist being used before IPv6. As nearly all machines 'out there' also 
have an IPv4 address this means IPv6 ist not being used, except if reachable 
in the same subnet.

/etc/gai.conf has everything commented out as originaly shipped.

precedence  2001:4060::/48 100
does not change this behaviour. I belive the bug still persists.


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