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chmod 670


  I don't know whether this is a bug or it is expected behavior.  If
this is a bug I would appreciate someone telling me who to report it

  I recently noticed that strange things happen if you do 'chmod 670' on
a directory that you own, and whose group is set to one you belong.

 - If you try 'ls', then its contents are shown
 - If you try 'cd' to it, you get permission denied.
 - If you try 'ls -l', you get many interrogation signs (?????) instead
of the properties of the file.
 - If the user is changed to someone other than you, but the group
remains the same, then you get full access.

  Since the permissions are set to full access to the group, and I'm
part of that group, shouldn't I get full access to the directory?
Anyways, getting many '????' is very awkward.

     Thank you very much!


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