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Unsupported supported architecture

   Dear steering commitee members,

   On behalf of the Debian project and more specifically its developers
in charge of packaging the GNU libc for our operating systems, I would
like to draw your attention to an apparent contradiction between the
stated support provided for your software and the way certain bug
reports are being handled.

   Today's example (from a list that I personally refuse to believe is
not growing on a nearly daily basis) is the ARM architecture. ARM is
listed on http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/ports.html as a supported
architecture, yet in the following bug report affecting ARM, it is
referred to as "embedded crap" with no apparent intent to fix the bug:

   The Debian project is very keen on supporting crap and has been in
fact integrating crap for more than 13 years now. Embedded crap is
therefore a natural target for our extended love and care and we would
be terribly sad to see it go from your official support.

Kind regards,
Sam Hocevar
Debian Project Leader

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