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Bug#420895: apparently still shows up for timezone in Argentina

reopen 420895
found 420895 2007f-3

Two people reported on debian-user-spanish@l.d.o[1] problems
upgrading to tzdata 2007f-3 from some previous version, most likely
the one on etch (both novice users, are not really sure what precise
version). The upgrade died on configuring the package.

I got them to run the postinst script with debconf debugging enabled,
and they sent traces ending like:

> ...
> debconf (developer): <-- CAPB backup
> debconf (developer): --> 0 multiselect escape
> debconf (developer): <-- FSET tzdata/Areas seen true
> debconf (developer): --> 0 true
> debconf (developer): <-- FSET tzdata/Zones/America/Argentina seen true
> debconf (developer): --> 10 tzdata/Zones/America/Argentina doesn't exist

Their timezone was set to

Simply running tzconfig solved their problems. I suspect some of the
old timezones were missed when converting.

[1] Threads (in spanish) starting on:

I can, if needed, act as interface to the reporters.

Rodrigo Gallardo
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