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Bug#426118: glibc: documentation-by-comment of strtok() wrong on final state of first argument

On Sat, May 26, 2007 at 02:15:09PM +0200, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> Extract from file string/strtok.c:
>  /* Parse S into tokens separated by characters in DELIM.
>     If S is NULL, the last string strtok() was called with is
>     used.  For example:
>  	char s[] = "-abc-=-def";
>  	x = strtok(s, "-");		// x = "abc"
>  	x = strtok(NULL, "-=");		// x = "def"
>  	x = strtok(NULL, "=");		// x = NULL
>  		// s = "abc\0-def\0"
>  */
> This, according to my understanding, says that after this code gets
> executed, the contents of s is "abc\0-def\0" followed by one
> unspecified character (to account for the original length of s, which
> is reduced by one in the value given at the end).

> This is wrong. The contents of s after execution of this code is
> "-abc\0=-def\0" as running the attached program will demonstrate.

You are correct; the final comment should contain your string.

> Note that the behaviour described in the comment would imply that
> strtok is Θ(strlen(s)^2) (quadratic time, and no less, in the
> worst case), because it would in some cases shift the whole string by
> one (or more?) positions to the left, which is a linear operation.

The only thing strtok() is doing to s is replacing some of the characters
with NULs.

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