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glibc2.5 and LD_ASSUME_KERNEL


I have been using some older proprietary software on my Maschine (SID
up-to-date) which were only able to run if I would set
LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1. Since the transition of glibc to 2.5 I'm not
able to run those software at all. After setting this variable nothing
built against libc won't work anymore.

I was told on d-u-german that the new version von glibc won't support
Kernel 2.4 anymore while others tried to help me with some workaround.

Now I hope to get an the final answer from some experts in that area. Is
it possible to run these software anyhow on SID _without_ any chroots,
virtual machine or the like?

Thanks and regards,

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