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Re: glibc 2.6 patch status

On 5/18/07, Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> wrote:
I took a brief look, and concluded that the following modifications will
allow all the patches to apply.  The lines that have been commented out
represent patches that need to be reviewed and either fixed or thrown
out.  This is based on the 2.6 tarballs and a CVS snapshot of ports from

-hppa/cvs-hppa-update.diff -p0
-hppa/submitted-lt.diff -p0
 hppa/submitted-nptl-carlos.diff -p0
-hppa/submitted-nptl-carlos2.diff -p0
+#hppa/submitted-nptl-carlos2.diff -p0
 hppa/submitted-ustat.diff -p0
 hppa/local-inlining.diff -p0
-hppa/local-r19use.diff -p0
+#hppa/local-r19use.diff -p0

I am available for discussing these patches.

Some may already be upstream. For example I've committed the "r19use"
patch to ports already, and some of the nptl changes have been
committed already.

Where is the debian-glibc svn?


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