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Bug#408850: mksh build problems

unblock 421518 by 408850
reassign 408850 gcc
retitle 408850 using flags "-fwhole-program --combine" broken

Hi all,

thanks to Steve Langasek I now know that the “conflicting prototypes” issues
for the mksh package appear due to use of the gcc flags “-fwhole-program
--combine” which, supposedly, have gcc treat it as one single translation
unit and optimise better. I suspect that this doesn't handle redeclaration
well; it seems to be a gcc bug.

Interestingly enough, the very same flags cause problems when using the
FORTIFY_SOURCE definitions on SuSE (and I think Fedora) – it fails on a
line saying something like “if (read(fd, buf, size) < 0)” with a bunch
of weird error messages; Pascal Bleser, whom I've added to the Cc: of
this eMail can surely provide them to you if that's desired. (Thanks to
Marcus “darix” Rückert for helping to track this down as well.)

I have taken these facts as arguments against using the flags at all and
changed upstream mksh to not test for and use them at all any more. A new
mksh minor release (R29d) was put out; I'll have my sponsor upload the
upgraded debian package shortly.

This means: unblock 421518 by 408850, since it no longer depends on the
fix (so that 421518 can be closed by an upgraded package), change 408850
to be a gcc bug now that we, thanks to vorlon, know the case.

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