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Bug#420949: New upgrade of libc6 2.5.* renders shells unusable

David Baron a écrit :
> On Wednesday 25 April 2007, you wrote:
>> Aurelien Jarno a écrit :
>>> d_bron a écrit :
>>>> Package: libc6
>>>> Version: 2.5-4
>>>> Severity: critical
>>>> Justification: breaks unrelated software
>>>> Once again, with feeling.
>>>> 1. Attempt to fix up dependencies and upgrade using apt -4 install. As
>>>> soon as it attempted to actually install this library, if failed with sh
>>>> looking for one of those lib....so.# which are no longer in /usr/lib.
>> Once again *.so files are need for linking, but they are not needed at
>> runtime. bash could even run without /usr/lib.
>>>> 2. So installed libc6 only (ok, afterwards, locale and other things need
>>>> be upgraded as well, but...) using dpkg -i. This succedes. Now bash can
>>>> no longer process bashrc files and any attempt to run simple commands
>>>> (except for cd) looks for those numberd .so libraries. Same problem as
>>>> in previous bug report.
>>>> So I will once more downgrade to 2.3.*. Little harm done.
>>>> Time to get to the bottom of this, please.
>>> Please send us the output of:
>>> ls -l /lib /lib/tls /usr/lib/*-2.3.6* /usr/lib/*-2.5*
>> I mean after the installation of libc6 2.5-4.
> I will attach them:
> ls-lib contains the result of ls /lib

Could you do the same with ls -l ?

> usrlib2.5 contains the result of ls /usr/lib/*-2.5*
Please remove /usr/lib/libc-2.5.so. It should not be here.

> After the installation of 2.5.4, there is no more /lib/tls !! could this be 
> the problem?

That's normal.

> There are no *-2.3.6* entries.

Ok that's normal.

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