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Re: OOo fails to build with glibc 2.5 in Debian (on sparc)

On Mon, Apr 23, 2007 at 09:51:27AM +0200, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> Hi,
> OOos idlc hangs when building it on sparc. I tried a manual build to
> check whether it builds (because experimental did never build it and
> even if it would it would have used the old lib which was in sid at that
> time; and the buildd has problems keeping up...).
> Anyway, the machine I tried this one runs Linux 2.6.17-rc6 and when building
> OOo idlc hangs *randomly*. strace shows it waiting for a futex() call
> which never ends until I ctrl-c.
> It works fine when built in a etch chroot, but breaks when building in a
> sid one.
> Apparently it builds fine on Ubuntu, too.. No idea whether their libc6
> 2.5 is sufficiently different or what kernel they run on their buildd...
> Anyone having an idea? The log doesn't say anything interesting so I'll
> not post it here...
> Gr??e/Regards,

  FWIW 2.6.17 kernels on sparc are broken with the last libc, and it
seems it's a kernel bug rather than a libc one. I don't know if 2.6.18
fixes the problem. The sparc buildd admins have been notified already
afaict, with the success you can remark.


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