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Bug#325600: closed by Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> (Closing bugs fixed in unreleased version 2.4-1 of the glibc)

Uwe Schindler a écrit :
>> Tom Evans a écrit :
>>> When will this version be moved into stable/Etch?
>> This version (or a later one) will move to stable for Lenny, but will
>> never move to Etch, as it is now a released version.
> Somewhere in the past there was a very simple patch (look for "not_cancel")
> that worked for the 2.3 release of the glibc (Tom wrote that):
> "If I simply change (in linuxthreads/sysdep/unix/sysv/linux/not-cancel.h) 
> from:
> # define waitpid_not_cancel(pid, stat_loc, options) \
>   INLINE_SYSCALL (osf_wait4, 4, pid, stat_loc, options, NULL)
> to:
> # define waitpid_not_cancel(pid, stat_loc, options) \
>   wait4( pid, stat_loc, options, NULL )
> all is well - I understand the performance benefits of the inlining,
> but since x86 is NPTL anyway, perhaps this is an okay solution?

I am not able to apply such a patch. First of all
linuxthreads/sysdep/unix/sysv/linux/not-cancel.h does not exists. There
is a sysdep/unix/sysv/linux/not-cancel.h, but it does not have the code
you describe.

Moreover a search for INLINE_SYSCALL.*osf_wait4 in the sources returns

Please provide us a working *patch* for glibc 2.3.6 if you want the
problem to be fixed in Etch.

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