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Bug#419459: Addning info

Aurelien Jarno napsal(a):
severity 419459 important
tag 419459 + confirmed
found 2.3.2.ds1-22sarge6

Daniel Smolik a écrit :
I am  100% sure that my  colleague  found fundamentals  of this bug.
On SPARC linux is used thread safe version of gethostbyname genthostbyname_r. This function have third argument char buffer. But if this buffer is not correctly aligned (on SPARC / 4 ) program crashed with BUSS ERROR. I attach demonstrate program to test this issue. If you change size of buffer from 1002 to 1000 program start working.
I mean  that simple workaround on SPARC is not use gethostbyname_r.

I confirm the bug, it is even present on Sarge. Strangely it is not
present on mips.

Yes I see this bug on Sid,Etch.

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