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Bug#417815: libc6: localtime dies with : tzfile.c:544: __tzfile_compute: Assertion `num_types == 1' failed

* Sven Luther:

> Yes, i use localtime / getoftime / time from the signal handler, yes, i guess
> that is causing the problem i m seeing. Need to find another way to find the
> time from a handler.

> maybe using the timer_create thingy, but it is also undocumented.

timer_gettime is async-signal-safe according to POSIX.  Perhaps
gettimeofday is as well, as a GNU extension.

Another option is to spawn a separate thread which handles all the
signals.  Then you aren't restricted to the small set of
async-signal-safe functions (and you can use third-party libraries as
well).  Most non-C programming environments use this approach.

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