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Bug#385522: locales-all: add only selected locales

Package: locales-all
Version: 2.3.6.ds1-4
Severity: wishlist

Current postinst script adds all locales (of course, the name is
locales-all :)
This makes current scheme take more disk space than the previous one.
Using the script provided in bug #375829 is still the best option (using
supported.tar.gz as the tar file).

The idea was reading the list of locales from /etc/locale.gen. There are
some possibilities to achieve this:

- Make locales and locales-all depend on a new locales-common (or
locales-conf, whatever) which contains the debconf files. Or make
locales, which would contain the debconf files, depend on locales-data
or locales-compiled.

- Copy the debconf stuff to locales-all and possibly add a conflict.

- The size of the new locales-all packages is smaller than I expected.
It could substitute the locales package ("excess of 30 megs" no more).

- Use a new conf file, /etc/locales-all.gen, that has the list wanted
locales. It could be initially full (current behaviour), or managed with

If any of these alternatives is acceptable, let me know and I'll help
with the scripts, though most of the work it's already done.

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