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Bug#181494: cleanup this bug

tags 181494 -sid
clone 181494 -1
retitle 181494 glibc: contains non-free docs
retitle -1 glibc: contains possibly non-free code
tags -1 -fixed-in-experimental

Some cleanups for the bug that should have been done long ago:
- remove the wrong sid tag
- split the two issues into two bugs
- archived bug #181493 already tried to handle the Sun RPC without any 
  it seems there was a big discussion whether the licence could be
  interpreted in a way that it does not fail the DFSG, but the 
  only proper solution seems to be tha a Debian developer simply 
  contacts Sun asking for clarification and putting this clarification 
  in debian/copyright
  flamewar -> bug closing -> banning people from control@bugs.debian.org
  why did noone contact Sun and report back instead?



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