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Bug#375978: timezone variable not set correctly, bug blocking LSB Conformance

On Tue, Jul 04, 2006 at 04:47:49AM +0200, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Denis Barbier wrote:
> >On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 01:51:50PM +0200, Martin Dittmar wrote:
> >>Package: libc6
> >>Version: 2.3.2.ds1-22sarge3
> >>
> >>Problem: after calling the C method "ctime" the global variable 
> >>"timezone" is not set correctly with certain TZ environment variables.
> >>With TZ=JKL3:10PNM4:40 set, the value of "timezone" is expected to be 
> >>11400, but has a nonsense value of 18000.
> >>
> >>For a demonstration please see the attched file test.c
> >>
> >>This is a libc bug (already in libc Bugzilla (see 
> >>http://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2865 )), but can be fixed 
> >>in Debian.
> >
> >Your test program runs fine with 2.3.6 (sid) and 2.4 (experimental)
> >here, can you please check?
> Yes, but it fails on sarge, the version against which the bug has been 
> reported.

Right, but it means that upstream bugreport is wrong, CVS does not need
to be fixed.  We could backport this fix to 2.3.2 instead of applying
this patch.


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