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Re: IP addresses sorted in reverse order

> Matus UHLAR - fantomas a écrit :
> >I just thought that there's no logical reason to reordering addresses if
> >resolver does not know network topology. So I'd like to know the reason for
> >reordering. Is it the way how resolver manipulates addresses, so it stores
> >them in reverse order?

On 02.06.06 11:33, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Yes probably something internal, I don't know exactly. You could have a 
> look at the code to find why.

Thank you, I'll try to searching deeper :)

> >>So the glibc is fully compliant with the RFC. There is nothing wrong 
> >>with it.

> >except it spoils any attempt to sort RRs so they are in network topology
> >order :-(

> Yes but it is allowed, so that's probably your implementation which is 
> buggy. Anyway, I wouldn't rely on something that is not guaranteed...

I don't rely on it. "irc.sk" points to difefrent servers, both are working.
I just wondered why can't I use the closest one, if DNS returns RRs in such
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