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Bug#356735: Compiling libc-udeb with -Os ?

On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 11:14:35PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Robert Millan wrote:
> > I've tested what would be the size saving when building glibc with -Os:
> Huh, I think I've checked whether -Os helped pretty much everything in
> d-i, but never thought to try libc. Good idea, and this space savings
> would in fact be useful; both because we're bursting at the seams of
> some of the smaller CD images, and because it would help keep d-i
> running in 32 mb of memory

As you can see in the other mail, it seems to cause some breakage with nptl and
librt.  I'm not sure if d-i needs threading at all (or even what librt is ;).
Is that an issue for libc-udeb ?

If it is, perhaps we could patch nptl/librt code to add the proper -O option to
override previous -Os.  I think this could be accepted in upstream.

> (assuming that the uncompressed sizes, which
> you didn't show, arn't suprising).

Ah, I thought d-i already compressed them (e.g. cloop).  Well, here is it:

$ du -hs *
2.1M    normal
1.8M    tiny
$ du -h */lib/*.so
100K    normal/lib/ld-2.3.6.so
1.3M    normal/lib/libc-2.3.6.so
24K     normal/lib/libcrypt-2.3.6.so
12K     normal/lib/libdl-2.3.6.so
540K    normal/lib/libm-2.3.6.so
72K     normal/lib/libpthread-2.3.6.so
80K     normal/lib/libresolv-2.3.6.so
12K     normal/lib/libutil-2.3.6.so
88K     tiny/lib/ld-2.3.6.so
1.1M    tiny/lib/libc-2.3.6.so
24K     tiny/lib/libcrypt-2.3.6.so
12K     tiny/lib/libdl-2.3.6.so
500K    tiny/lib/libm-2.3.6.so
68K     tiny/lib/libpthread-2.3.6.so
68K     tiny/lib/libresolv-2.3.6.so
12K     tiny/lib/libutil-2.3.6.so

Robert Millan

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