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[RFC] Removing locale variables from /etc/environment


moving locale variables into a seperate file has been requested several
times (#214898, #349503, and mentioned in other bugreports like #133578)
because /etc/environment is a PAM configuration file.
Thus I will:
  1. Modify locales.config: when upgrading from previous locales versions,
     /etc/environment is parsed, otherwise /etc/locale is parsed.
  2. Modify locales.postinst: write values into /etc/environment
     and /etc/locale.
  3. Send a bugreport to pam maintainer to request that
       session       required   pam_env.so readenv=1
     lines in /etc/pam.d/{login,su} are replaced by
       session       required   pam_env.so readenv=1 envfile=/etc/locale
       session       required   pam_env.so readenv=1
  4. When this patch is accepted, modify locales.postinst to write
     values only into /etc/locale.

Comments?  I am willing to make these changes ASAP.
Are there other packages which parse /etc/environment to get locale values?
Is there a better name than /etc/locale?


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